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How Cell Spy Software Works

Here’s How Our Cell Spy Software Works:

Cell _Phone_Spy Guarantee

We are the authorized representative to Highster Mobile.  It will get texts, calls, GPS locations and much more from any iPhone or Android phone.  Remote access lets you extract the information from the target phone without actually having the phone in your possession. All data received from the phone can be displayed right on your own cell phone, tablet or computer. All you need is a signal from your service provider or a WiFi connection. It’s that fast and easy!

Spy Software is often used by parents to monitor their children and for employers to monitor the company owned devices of employees.

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After you order Highster Mobile, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail which includes your download link to the Highster Mobile software, your username, password and license key. It’s usually quick but some banks are slow, so response times can vary. You will also receive an installation guide that will describe step-by-step, how to start monitoring a phone and gathering the information you need.   If you have any problems, you can contact our support team for any assistance and we will be pleased to help you out.

Unlike our competitors, we DO NOT charge a monthly subscription. You pay only once and own it for life. Your payment is a one-time fee with no added costs. (No up-sells or monthly subscriptions) Our one-time sell price is half what some of our competitors charge for their monthly subscription.

Free Support And Money Back Guarantee:

Firstly, we want you to be confident in ordering so we include free professional technical support in the event that you need help with cell spy software. (We get very few calls.) If we’re unable to help you make it work, we cheerfully refund 100% of your money for a full 30 days. Use our contact page to connect with support or billing help – have your order number handy.

When you order cell spy you’ll receive a confirmation email upon successful credit card processing. The email will include your download link and easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions.

How To Use Cell Spy To Catch A Cheater:

  • Whenever they place or receive calls or texts to anyone, from anyone on their phone, your phone will buzz to alert you.
  • You can listen to both sides of their conversation but they cannot hear you.
  • You can pinpoint their location from the GPS on their phone (if their phone is GPS equipped) whenever you want to know where they are.
  • You can read text messages sent and received so if they are texting each other to make plans to meet, you’ll know all about it.
  • You will see everything they do on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc …
  • You can see the call history (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • View all the pictures on their phone.

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