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Marital Infidelity; How To Know For Sure

If You Suspect Marital Infidelity

We have found that people that think their spouse might be engaging in marital infidelity fall into two categories. The first, and smallest group, are those that remain suspicious.  They worry about it but take no action. They simply hope their spouse really isn’t having an affair or that the infidelity will stop at some point by itself.

This group of people often feel they are at the mercy of their spouse.  They sometimes consider themselves to be of lesser value as a person and lucky to be with them and may even put up with marital infidelity.

The Second Group Will Not Tolerate Infidelity In The Marriage

The people belonging to this group feel of equal value to their spouse and look for methods to prove to themselves that marital infidelity is or is not occurring. Their goal may be to forgive and mend the relationship or to bring it to an end. In either case they feel compelled to uncover the facts because in their opinion having an affair is not a mistake – it is a deliberate choice.

Skip the details – take me straight to a solution
that will tell me if there is marital infidelity in my relationship.

having an affair is marital infidelity. It is not a mistake - it is a choice.

Find Out If Your Partner Is Having An Affair

If you are at the “early stage of suspicion” about infidelity in your marriage then you may want to begin paying attention to the warning signs of an affair.  If you already have strong reason to be suspicious and are now at the stage where you want to uncover the truth there are several options available to you. You can hire investigators to follow your spouse taking photos and notes. If they are in fact having an affair the investigators are likely to uncover the truth. The cost for an investigator and expenses however can be unrealistic for most people – adding up to thousands of dollars per week.

There is another option available to you. It’s a tool that is sometimes used by investigators to collect evidence for marital infidelity cases. At the very least, it helps them to accurately “zero in” on the activity and get results fast.
People that are having an affair believe they’re shrouded in privacy when using a cell phone so they speak freely on their mobile phones; making plans for their next intimate encounter. To catch them you will use the way they communicate and attempt to protect their secrecy, to your advantage.

Turn your cell phone into a listening device. Using your own cell phone with our Cell Spy Software installed you will hear every live call placed or received on your partner’s cell phone but they cannot hear you. You will see every text message, email and SMS log.  If their phone has GPS you will know where they are at all times and that’s how you’ll know if they are lying about where they are going.

The best feature of our software is that you can install it onto the “target phone” in about two minutes. Click here for more details.

If your partner is engaging in marital infidelity you will know in a relatively short time with very little effort or cost.


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