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My cheating boyfriend said he went to the gym for a couple hours.  The next day I took his clothes from his gym bag to wash them but they were clean and folded – just as though they weren’t even worn.  I asked him how his workout went and he told me it was good.  I didn’t say a word.  Instead I got your cell phone spy software to see who he was texting and talking to on his cell phone.  A few days later I had the proof I needed.  Now he needs to do his own laundry because I threw all his stuff out on to the street. Good riddance cheater!
May 2016 – CJ, Seattle WA

The phone tapping was the AMAZING! I heard both of them, clear as day! I never thought this kinda stuff was possible and would not have believed it if I did not hear it myself! Truly amazing!
April 2016  Tom, North Carolina

After being burned a few times I am relieved to have finally found a program that works as advertised. I used only a few of the features that are part of the service but that was all I needed!

Truth found…I’m gone!
March 2016   Kendria, Texas

My son had started hanging around with some kids I had a bad feeling about. Being the over-protective parent that I am I kept a close eye on him. It’s a good thing I did! He was getting in with the wrong crowd so I put a stop to it! I could never have found out the truth without Cell Phone Spy.

I’m not sending this in just because I wanted to catch a cheater free but more just to say Thank you!
February 2015  Leslie, Florida

This was the best money I ever spent! The Cell Spy Software folks helped me every step of the way. All of my questions were answered within just a few minutes…outstanding customer support! Keep up the good work!
January 2015  Billy D, New York

I used the Call Interception on my Blackberry Curve 8530. The sound was very good, as if I was on the phone myself. I am very satisfied and would recommend this software to a friend.
December 2015  Alex H, Riverside, CA

My truck broke down so I told my wife I was going cross town to a buddy’s place to fix it and I’d be back in a few hours. I wasn’t even out of the driveway when she called her boyfriend to invite him over for some “play time”. What do you suppose that meant? Instead of working on the truck I borrowed my buddy’s car and came straight back home with the excuse that I forgot some tools. Yup – caught ’em both with their pants down. Priceless!
November 2015 – JP ,Vernon Texas

The following comments we found on the Internet from a “target phone victim”. We think this is better than any testimonial could ever be.
Me and my girlfriend broke up several weeks ago. I woke up a few days ago to see I had a missed call from my ex-girlfriend. As it turned out right after this phone call she had made to me she strangely knew things about me she couldn’t possibly have known. Somehow she knew where I was all the time, she knew who called me, when they called, who I texted, when I texted them and a lot of other private information.
Finally after a lot of coaxing and pleading on my part she revealed to me that she had installed Cell Spy software on my phone and after that she could see and hear everything I did on my phone.
October 2015 – Name and Location Undisclosed

I just can’t believe that bitch would screw me over like this.  My wife of 14 years was fu*king a guy from her office.  I started noticing that she got all dolled up to hang out with her “girlfriends” when she never used to before.  So I got your cell phone spy tool.  (It was a bit of a hassle to install but the support guy helped me out)  She called him to invite him over to the house while I was at work.  But guess what!  I arranged to get off early.  Surprise! Caught her in the act mate!
September 2015 – Robert, Brisbane Australia

What made me suspicious was that we suddenly never seemed to have any money left over for home improvements or holidays.  I earn a good living and my wife stays at home with the kids and “manages our money”.  She started “going out with her girlfriends” (supposedly) a lot more lately.  I suspected my wife’s cheating so I downloaded your Cell Phone Spyware and listened to her making plans with the other man.  I also heard her tell her girlfriend how much money she had stashed away to use after the divorce.  If I was to let this go on much longer she would have robbed me blind and dumped my ass on the curb.  Not any more!
August 2015 – (name withheld), Des Moines Iowa

I used your [Cell Spy] software to tap my wife’s cell phone.  The very next day my cheating wife made arrangements to meet her boyfriend.  When I learned where they were meeting I just “coincidentally” arrived on the scene and caught them cheaters red handed.  They thought it was just bad timing but I knew it was good planning.

July 2015 – Ellen, Northport FLA

I was looking for ways to catch a cheater free but the knowledge of what was going on behind my back was way more important to me than saving some money.  I downloaded your Phone Spy Software and right away I could see all the chats, emails and web sites my fiancé was going to.  He was actually cheating on me with two other women!  Not just one but two!  It felt so good to catch a cheater and dump him on the spot.  Lucky I didn’t marry the S.O.B.
June 2015 – AF, Vancouver Canada

Remember to send us your story using our testimonial form.  If we use it on our site you will catch a cheater free.  We’ll refund your purchase!

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